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Business Operational Support

To ensure the business runs smoothly, effectively, and professionally.

  • 1 hour
  • Zoom Session

Service Description

This includes everyone from management to front line workers to back-office billing staff. Many of our clients lead industries that have more intensive transactions and thus require a greater degree of support and analysis than other industries. Business Operations Elements Business operations vary according to business type, industry, size, and so on. Operations for a brick-and-mortar store, for example, will look different from operations for an online retailer. The former will need point of sale terminals to process purchases, for example, while the latter will need e-commerce software that provides electronic shopping cart services. Business operations for most businesses, though, take into account the following elements: - Process - Staffing - Location - Equipment or technology The process is important because of its impact on productivity and efficiency. Processes done manually that can be done quicker with software or that duplicate work done by other departments can cost a business time and money. Business operations processes should be documented department by department so that operations managers can study them to find areas for improvement, consolidation, or cost-savings. Documentation also helps companies train new employees. Staffing is determined by the processes. Who needs to do the work outlined in the work processes and how many of them are needed? A small business might need a few people who are generalists while a large company will need many more people who are specialists. Location is more important to certain types of businesses than to others – and the reason for the location will vary. A solopreneur consultant might only need room for a desk at home, a pet groomer will need a location with parking, and a software developer will need to be located in a region with access to appropriate talent. The equipment or technology needed for optimum business operations will often have an impact on location. The pet groomer with a staff and several grooming bays will need more space and different equipment from the mobile groomer who offers services provided at the pet’s home. A carpet cleaning business won’t need a storefront, but it will need a garage to store its trucks plus office space for business operations management.

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