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Refund Policy

All payments are upfront and as of now, we do not provide any option for the cancellation of products and/or services you have purchased or subscribed to. Once a product/service has been purchased by you, we cannot provide any refund, neither in full nor partial. We strongly suggest that you go through our presentation, detailed description of our services, and other relevant content on our website before you make any payment to subscribe and/or purchase any of our services or packages. You may use our free/Membership options, as and when available, to test our services/products, however, we do not guarantee that those free options will be available at all times to everyone.


Upgrades: You can upgrade your listing/advertisement any time and you will be charged on a pro-rata basis for any listing/ advertisement. No downgrade of products or services is allowed under any circumstances and no refund either fully or partially will be granted.


When you purchase and/or upgrade our products/services, we believe that you have read and agree to our cancellation and refund policy privacy policy. reserves their own right to change any of the terms mentioned in the policy in full or in part at any time without any notice and will be binding to everyone.

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