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Market Promotion & Development Scheme (MPDA)

The Market Promotion and Development Assistance Scheme (MPDA) has been launched as a unified scheme by merging different schemes implemented by the Khadi sector including publicity, marketing, market promotion, and marketing development assistance. Further, a grant/subsidy will also be available for the construction of Khadi plazas. The overall objective of the scheme is to ensure increased earnings for artisans.

Nature of assistance

Modified MDA (MMDA) shall be allowed @ 30% on the Prime cost of Khadi (cotton, silk, woolen) and Polyvastra

Who can apply?

The Khadi institutions, having valid Khadi certificate and categorized as A+, A, B and C only are eligible to avail MMDA grant from KVIC.

How to apply?

The total amount of MMDA on production will be claimed by the producing Institution from the KVIC and will be distributed amongst the stakeholders viz., spinners and weavers, producing Institutions and selling Institutions in the ratio 40%, 20%, and 40% respectively. Producing Institutions shall submit a quarterly claim of MMDA based on the actual production achieved during the preceding quarter of the financial year. The difference, if any, would be adjusted in the last quarter of the financial year on the basis of accounts audited by a Chartered Accountant. The MMDA, preferably, shall be reimbursed electronically by the State/Divisional office of the KVIC on a quarterly basis.

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